Television & Computer Monitor Recycling

Do you guys recycle TVs and computer monitors?

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked over the phone. The short answer is: Yes, we do… but there is a caveat… Like all other electronic ewaste, we accept televisions and monitors free of charge, HOWEVER, if you have an older “tube style” or projection monitor/television there is a $5 per unit fee. The reason for this is because the CRTs found within older televisions and monitors are costly to recycle and dispose of properly. Because of the negative recovery value of these tubes, we must charge a nominal fee to offset the cost. All newer “flat screen” televisions and monitors are accepted at no cost.

Newer style monitors and televisions are thin, and generally lighter. Older style televisions and monitors are heavier, and much thicker because of the space the CRT takes up inside the unit.

Most people do not realize that inside of that clunky glass screen, there’s a tube that contains lead, mercury, and many other toxins that need to be handled properly. Average sized CRT television and computer monitors contain around 4 to 8 pounds of lead. In addition, the inside of the tubes are coated with a toxic phosphorus dust. These components require special handling, are costly to recycle properly… and not to mention, illegal to dispose of in the landfill!