Shipping & Logistics


We can pack and ship anything to anywhere. You can rely on us for shipping large items, freight items, valuables, vehicles, and more. We determine the most effective delivery method based on the item, your budget, the destination, and the required timeframe.

In some cases, we can provide shipping services via our own in-house logisitics. For situations in which we can’t provide delivery in a cost effective manner using our own trucks, we will partner with a preferred carrier to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your items.

Time Sensitive

We know you can’t turn back the hands of time, but our expedite services offer extremely fast turnaround times for your most urgent shipments. When your shipment needed to be delivered yesterday, be assured that our time sensitive expedite services will fit the bill. When your shipment needs to be there now, count on us to seamlessly coordinate its on-time delivery.


Decker Services offers custom crating solutions for heavy, oversized, and fragile items, including industrial equipment and machinery. After evaluating the value and fragility of your items, we will custom fabricate a wooden crate to keep your items safe while in transit. We can handle items of any size, weight, or shape and determine the best solution.

Purchase Retrieval

We have partnered with several local companies and agencies to provide pickup and shipping services for items purchased via internet classifieds and online auctions. We can provide pickup and forwarding services for items of any size, as well multi-pallet shipments.