Surplus Asset Sales

We're committed to giving new life to previously unwanted or unused surplus assets and inventory.

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Two Way
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Electronics Recycling &
End-of-life Asset Disposal

• Zero landfill contribution
• Certified data destruction
• Hassle-free pickup & hauling

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cross docking

• Temporary storage available
• Fast turn around times
• Case picking / Order processing

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• Time Sensitive & Expedite
• Crating and Freighting
• Purchase Retrievals

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• 25,000 sq ft quad-level facility
• Semi-height loading dock
• CCTV & electronic alarms


Price conscious surplus sales and distribution!

In the fast-passed world in which we live, business and municipalities cycle through assets at an ever increasing rate, often discarding perfectly usable items with plenty of additional life remaining. We attempt to extend the lifespan of these discarded and unwanted assets by repurposing them. In doing so, we alleviate waste and landfill contributions. >> Learn More <<

Earth friendly electronics and eWaste recycling!

Each year, millions of tons of computers and other electronics equipment are discarded in the US, much of which ends up in landfills, or shipped to developing nations for unsafe salvage. Thanks to our eWaste recycling program, unwanted and unneeded electronics can be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way. >> Learn More <<

Hassle free warehousing and shipping solutions!

Whether you need something shipped that you purchased online, or you have an expedite shipment that you need delivered to your customer immediately, we have a solution for you. Conveniently nestled between several regional metropolitan areas, Butler Indiana has proven to be a strategic transportation and warehousing hub location. >> Learn More <<

Turn-key data center and IT based services!

Powered by intelligently connected fault-tolerant fiber infrastructure, and redundant power sources, our network and data services provide for exceptional performance. With 20+ years in the web development and IT service arena, you will have peace of mind knowing that our knowledge and extensive experience are at work for your business. >> Learn More <<