Competitively Priced

You will find that our storage rates are competitively priced, or even beat what many of the unsecured outdoor storage facilities charge. When taking into consideration the possibility of a thief emptying your locker using nothing more than a pair of bolt cutters, choosing the secure route only makes sense.

Ideal for vehicles & watercrafts too!

We also have indoor space available for vehicles, boats, watercrafts, tractors, RVs, etc. Our facility has three ground level overhead doors and plenty of space to comfortably park even large trucks.


You will find that most outdoor storage facilities are open targets for criminal activity. The only thing between your valuables and the outside world is a padlock. That's where we come in... our entire indoor storage area is monitored by our in-house closed circuit television system. We have both indoor and outdoor cameras that are recording 24/7 to ensure your belongings are safe. All access to the storage area is controlled, and available by appointment only, meaning nobody will ever have unsupervised access to your valuables.